I have a secret…

It’s a bit uncomfortable.. no.. VERY uncomfortable to talk about…

Makes me cringe thinking how people will take it sometimes… Will they think I’ve lost it? Will they quickly assume that I have a problem?

I can’t keep this in any longer…

My secret is….

I’m a Christian.

And I cannot change that after all that I’ve seen.

But wait, hold up. What’s so uncomfortable about being a Christian? You probably know a lot of them yourself. You know, the type of people who read the Bible often, go to a place called church every Sunday, and roast atheists on Twitter and Facebook, right? They umm… tend to be the type of people who sort of act really weird, and always seem to have a problem with the world and life? Yeah those are definitely the ones I’m talking about. But hear me out when I say that I’ve seen a distinct type of Christianity that is similar in a few things, yet radically different from the type that you’re well acquainted with.

The ones I’m talking about actually believe that the Bible they read isn’t just a bunch of good religious stories with moral lessons. They believe that the Jesus in the Bible is actually real today and they literally have conversations with Him every day whenever they like. They even claim to do this face to face! They are the ones who go around looking for sick and hurt people not just for the sake of sympathy and charity, but to heal them! And fam, the miracles I have seen when they pray in the name of Jesus! I have seen broken ankles snap back into place, dandruff lift off the scalps of people, the legs of cripples grow out, and all sorts of logically impossible things happen! What amazes me about these Christians is they seem to have no fear of anything in life. They are one of the happiest and coolest types of people I’ve come across! They’re always talking about how good their Father is, and they love to demonstrate it! They claim to have friendly relationships with angels that guide them and give them heavenly instructions on a daily basis. These very same people receive their revelations from God in different distant languages that when translated through Google Translate, actually mean something practical and spiritual! You see why I thought you’ll call me crazy?? There is no other place I’ve seen such a company of people before…

Except in the Bible. Because that is what NORMAL CHRISTIANITY looks like.

I myself only had hungry imaginations of such a reality ever existing. I came back to Jesus, the Owner of the world, in late August 2016 after three years of living recklessly however I pleased. Immediately, I was thrown into deep yearnings for something I couldn’t put my finger on. I would get images of it in my mind, but I didn’t know what I was seeing.

Until 6th November 2016 when I felt a strong word from Father God.

It was like He was lovingly asking me,”Hey son. Do you really think that Christianity today looks fully like Jesus?”

“No Father, frankly I don’t,” I responded, a bit uncertain of where He was going with this.

“Neither do I son. Why don’t we set up a group of people and teach them how to live like Jesus in the most authentic way possible? Would you like to help Me make some Christians out of Christians?”

“Would you like to help Me make some Christians out of Christians?”

And so Kingdom Family began:

An online Whatsapp group that hosts believers from all around the world and trains them to engage with the spiritual, hear from God intimately, and be relevant powerful leaders in their world.

The Word of God makes it abundantly clear that a supernatural lifestyle is NORMAL for every true believer of Jesus Christ, simply because that is what separates Christianity from the religions of the world. We are supposed to walk in consistent and overwhelming levels of love, power, and intimacy with the Creator of the universe.

It’s funny how we disassociate the understanding of the spiritual from how we even do our daily lives. If any of us had a salesman knocking on the door of our homes trying to market and sell a product, we would ask normal questions like:

“How much is this product?”

“Does it work? Can you prove it works before I buy it?”

“How can I manage it after you’re gone?”

And we understand that if the salesman cannot answer these questions well and also demonstrate the functionality of the product, then he is nothing but a con artist and a fraud.

Yet we oftentimes settle for presenting a Christianity to the world that very much like this salesman, we cannot even prove works. We settle for things that are easy to do like preparing logical responses to answer mockers of the faith, or simply using stories of fearful and dodgy end time beliefs to get a precious soul quaking in their knees to accept Jesus. Sometimes, I wonder if we need a gentle, yet clear reminder of Paul’s words to the church of Corinth:

You are still worldly. For since there is jealousy and quarreling among you, are you not worldly? Are you not acting like mere humans? – 1 Corinthians 3:3 (bold feature mine)

What a question! Paul didn’t see the sense or logic in acting like a mere human being once you are a believer in Jesus! He genuinely believed that when anyone came to accept that Jesus is Lord over creation, they were made an entirely new creation; different from the human race (2 Corinthians 5:17). Not in an intellectual or metaphoric sense, but in the most literal sense!

So how are we to live as new creations? What does that look like? What does it mean to be an authentic Christian that brings Heaven to Earth daily and literally live from the heavenly spirit world ? What is the New Covenant and God actually like? That’s the purpose of this blog. In coming days and weeks, different leaders of Kingdom Family would share their individual perspectives refined by experience and the Word, on how to naturally be supernatural. Kingdom Family is renowned for being a training ground for the supernatural and a place where every believer can discover their voice through an intimate relationship with Jesus in the most literal sense.

We owe it to Jesus to give Him the full reward for His brutal sacrifice on the cross: Heaven on Earth.

Below are some sneak peeks of what happens when normal Christianity is expressed. Enjoy!

“I don’t even know where to start from!! I’m overwhelmed, I’m excited and I’m exhausted. Yesterday night was my first night with Kingdom Family and I was so blessed that it was also prophecy night. I was really excited. I joined this group and it’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. You see people really going in deeply with God and it’s just wow! So anyways, it was prophecy night. The main theme was healing of all kinds and they asked that anyone with any sicknesses should show themselves so we could all pray in agreement. So I told them I had ulcer and I didn’t want to anymore. And then everyone began to send in prayers. A girl named Joyinola led the prayers so she asked me if i was feeling warmth in my tummy and I was! And they kept praying and prophesying and she asked me to drink some cold water which I did. I woke up by 12:39pm today and the Lord sure did a lot of work on me last night looool. I woke up this afternoon with ZERO pain in my tummy. And my tummy was extremely flat, flatter than it’s been in years! Usually, because of the sore in my tummy, there was always a consistent bulge and swell which refuses to go, no matter how much I work out. BUT TODAY! I woke up and that bulge wasn’t there anymore! I’m looking at myself in the mirror like ‘whaaaaaaaaat??!’. Oh my goodness! And then I went into the kitchen and notice that they had made some pepper soup, and I began to panic like ‘uh-oh’. But then I tell myself ‘why would I be shaken when God has done it?’. And I had pepper soup and felt zero pain in my tummy!!”

Testimony from Favor Nwachukwu (Kingdom Family group 2)

“So God has used KF sooo much for me. I’ve made friends, got my healing from back ache, headaches, eye aches, even my SCALP. I had the worst dandruff ever and my scalp was itchy and it would bleed sometimes. During prophecy night, Alec gave a word about God healing someone with that issue. I keyed into it fast fast and the next day, one of my girls was talking about how my hair was on fleek and my scalp was looking clean. I was like ‘whaaaat?’. I used to worry that if I got serious with God I wouldn’t have any friends and all of that, but God gave me KF. A family. The minute I got there I felt I had known everyone all my life. Truly, in the presence of God there is fullness of joy!”

– Testimony from Pearl Irabor (Kingdom Family group 1)

There are hundreds of recorded testimonies like the two above. Some even more bizarre than what’s above. God is looking to do a new thing and merge Heaven and Earth together until they are one. Jesus didn’t die and resurrect for a good show, only to come back later and destroy the creation His blood made irresistibly valuable. He is looking to work with YOU in the most powerful and heart warming ways possible.

Jesus stepped out of His closet the minute He stepped out of the tomb alive. The world would consequently know that He is Lord. His true nature and power was established for all to see!

I have a secret…

It’s quite comforting…no… VERY comforting to talk about…

Makes me shout with deep eternal joy knowing how people will take it… Will they think I’ve finally found it? Will they quickly conclude I have found the answer?

I can’t keep this in any longer…

My secret is…

I am a Christian.

And I am supernatural in every sense of the word and share a deep love relationship with Jesus and creation.

What about you?

Will you also step out of your closet?

~ Alec Quaye, Founder of Kingdom Family

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