Humans beings are fickle, inconsistent and unreliable. Notice the motives as intentionality is never the mentality. In all my years worth of existence on this earth, I’ve come to the realisation that even in moments which seem arguably genuine, sentimental and heartfelt, once amplified, human nature manifests in its true form and the motives behind the result of those emotions are usually fraudulent. So what then? Well it seems most of us fall under the spell of ‘self love’ which according to this generation is the primary ability to survive alone, have no emotions and ‘cut’ people out of your life the moment they begin to show any signs of defect. There’s this misguided notion that in doing this, you save yourself from dealing with the disappointment that eventually falls into place due to human nature.


However, the problem with this kind of mentality is, it denies you of the single and most irrefutable truth of this world. The same truth that started this world, and the same truth that will end this world. That truth is LOVE. Love is the beginning and the end. The ultimate ultimatum. When all has been said and done all that will matter is love. How much of it you gave, and how much of it you received. Therefore when one voluntarily places themselves in a predicament where, it’s in their nature to seek and receive love and yet they actively build walls around their heart blocking that opportunity, where does that leave us? Are we ignorant of the simple fact that there is an innate need in humans to want to feel loved and appreciated? In fact this is only half the problem, there is also the other half, perhaps you’re not trying to built the walls of Jericho around your heart, but instead you are onto the pursuit of happiness.


Most of us believe that finding happiness will make us content. It will fill that void within us, so we run around trying to fill our hearts with ‘things’ that will fulfill our need and make us happy. For some this is found in financial stability, perhaps popularity among peers, but for most? For most of us? It always tends to be in romance that we delude ourselves into thinking we will find fulfillment. To be clear, romance is: a feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. It is believed in our generation that it is within the ‘sacred grounds’ of a romantic relationship between two individuals that one will find happiness, peace of mind and finally be content. Otherwise whilst you are still single, you will always have a sense of unfulfillment within you. Hence we go from one relationship to the other, waiting, looking and pondering upon that moment where we’ll find the ‘right’ person to ‘complete’ us. Our other half.


But what is the answer when you do finally meet that person and that void is only amplified and even worse echoes louder than ever before as if to mock you? What then? It’s a funny thing humans do, they don’t give up on the things that will kill them, so we don’t stop. We continue looking for more things to fill us, money, sex, image, and everything else in between but still, surprise surprise! It is never enough. It never quite hits the spot, you still want more, you crave more, you know there is more. Personally I’ve been on both sides of this story and it’s not pretty. Running from one relationship to another hoping to find my “other half” and when they didn’t fill that void within me, off I was to the next person hoping that they would take away this feeling of discontent even when life was perfectly fine. When that didn’t work, I turned the tables around to live a life of solitude. I was emotionless, cold and cut throat. Neither of these options worked of course because no other person, even myself can or could ever completely fill that void within me.


The truth of the matter is no human being in all of existence will ever be able to fully satisfy and fill that void within us besides Jesus Christ. You see, our hearts were created to be filled by God. I assure you, your boyfriend, girlfriend, mentor, family, friends, job, grades won’t do it for you. God is the only answer. The beginning and the end. Allow me to remind you again, our hearts were created to be filled by God. We love because he loved us first. He doesn’t call himself a jealous God for the sake of it but it is because he desires to have you to himself first before you can give yourself to anyone or anything else, but even more importantly it is only through the living waters of his love that you will be satisfied because GOD IS LOVE. There cannot be one without the other.


In the Bible, David had everything from the kingship, limitless wealth, honour and great power, yet none of it was enough. He remained parched and thirsty for God:

” You, God, are my God, earnestly I seek you; I thirst for you, my whole being longs for you, in a dry and parched land where there is no water.”  -Psalms 63:1

And yet after having drank from the living waters of God’s love he went on to say, “I have seen you in the sanctuary and beheld your power and your glory. Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live and in your name I will lift up my hands.” Psalms 63: 2-3.


This just goes to show that there is nothing on this earth that can satisfy you beyond measure besides God. Your partner, family and friends will eventually disappoint you because it is not their job to make you feel complete hence even if they gave you their all, it wouldn’t be enough. This is similar to possessions, grades, image and tangible ‘things’. It will never be enough. You will always want more, better, and more again. The truth remains in God. It is only in him that you will find fulfillment. So, if you have spent a lot of time wondering why you feel like the walking dead, what is it that can fill that void within you, and how you can stop feeling so lost? Well there is only one solution to that problem and that is JESUS. JESUS IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.


Try it out, what do you have to lose? Spend time with God in prayer whilst reading the Word of God too. When reading the Word of God, pray before you do it so the Holy Spirit can guide and lead you to exactly what it is your heart needs in that very moment. Aren’t you ever pleasantly surprised when you randomly open the Bible and the Word says exactly what you need to hear in that very moment? Why limit yourself to the occasional surprise when you can freely receive guidance at any point in time if you just ask? All you have to do is just ask. Imagine how much easier life would be .


On the other hand, as for prayer, start simple. Tell God about your day, were you annoyed? Did it go well? What are you thankful for? Do you need help with anything? And then ask HIM how his day was and what he desires to share with you. As you continue to do this you are guaranteed to grow deeper both in the Word and in your how you communicate with God. However more importantly, as this is going on, God will begin to fill you in a way you have never experienced before and that void and feeling of emptiness you have inside you will finally start to disappear without a shadow of a doubt as you get more intimate with him. Even more so, the fruits of his Spirit: love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control will begin to manifest in your life so let go and let God.


Therefore, all that being said, please know and understand that being empty and lost is not your identity. You are a child of God, a royal priesthood and a KING OR QUEEN of the kingdom of GOD seated in heavenly places with the Father. Submit your life to God so that he can fulfill your every need. God bless you.


Quick prayer: Father, I pray and thank for each and every single person that has read this post, I trust in you Holy Spirit to reveal yourself to your children that they may be filled with your love, the only kind that transcends all understanding and fills us all that beyond measure. I thank you Jesus for your grace and mercy upon us all, to you be all the glory, amen.


Bible references:

  1. Psalms 63
  2. Exodus 20: 4-5
  3. John: 7-27
  4. Luke 19:10


Ishe Wamambo: KF1 Leader


2 thoughts on “EMPTY AND LOST

  1. wow… nothing else can give us the fulfillment that we need in life except Christ.. I tripped the part that says I should ask God how His day is going. That will the first I will when next Im talking to him lol… more grace

    Liked by 1 person

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