Will You Just Live?

(The following is a short poem, born in the heart of Love, and written out by a Kingdom Family leader called Tobi. To those who think that the Trinity isn’t really concerned about the joys and worldliness of life, this is for you…)

Stop, is what I need you to do.
Now, look around and tell me, what more is needed to express the sovereignty of my love over everything?
Is it the sky and its children of sun, moon and stars?

Is it the trees and their choir of birds both red and blue?

Is it land and it’s embroidery of footprints which tell a thousand stories? Or perhaps the sea and its water in overflowing abundance?
Well, that’s an easy “yes”, but, there’s more.
It’s the roof, it’s the meal, it’s the water, it’s the Gin. 

It’s the TV, the mobile phone, it’s twitter, it’s the memes.

It’s the Game of Thrones, YouTube Beauty Bloggers, it’s the Premier League.

It’s ripped or non ripped jeans.

Its Snapchat and its 101 filters. 

It really is just YOU.

You are the measure of my love.

Your dance, my heart beat.

The way you walk, I planned it.

Really, down to how you speak is all me, trust me to dot my I’s and cross my T’s.
I’ll ask one last thing,

Will you just enjoy?

All I ask now. 

Will you just smile?

Will you just laugh?

Will you just LIVE?

Tobi can be found on Twitter as @tob1AO 

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