Hello friend, welcome to Kingdom Family!

Ever heard of a group of Christians that aren’t divided over their differences in thought? Or are committed to uncovering layers of lies in modern expressions of Papa God? Or dare to believe and actually live out a lifestyle full of miracles, happiness, and peace? Or how about a group that actually gives a toss about social awareness, marginalized groups in the world, the hated, culture, and hey – even booze!

Sounds strangely amazing to you?

Well, welcome to Kingdom Family.

And our sole purpose is to enjoy Papa God, and be enjoyed by Him.

No, we are not heretics. We are simply happy people who have met a happy God that surpasses all the happiest expectations and imaginations of a finite human being.

Our online community, especially on Whatsapp, aims to awaken the following:

  1. The supernatural of God that is within each and every single person (Luke 17:21). The purpose of awakening this is so that it can once again, be realized as one of the most normal functions of our humanity in Christ.
  2. Help direct people into hearing and seeing God for themselves in their everyday life, 24/7. It’s very normal for everyone and can be authentically experienced and lived in.
  3. A communal understanding of church, rather than a building/organizational understanding. ‘Church’ is meant to be you and me, not ‘pastor and offerings’.
  4. Deep compassion, acceptance, and affection towards those the Western organizational church frowns on. This includes the LGBT community, Muslims, the progressive thinkers, and every single person that falls under the word ‘world’ in John 3:16.
  5. A hatred and departure from religion and ‘the works of the flesh’ (Romans 6:11). Christianity today is highly regarded as a religion with a schizophrenic God who is low-key angry at a selection of people, and sets conditions for His love. KF aims to utterly destroy that lie told about such an amazing and pleasurable Friend and Father!
  6. A deep love for the proper study of God’s Word. KF focuses on truly making an honest effort at ‘dividing the Word of truth’. We long to equip Christians with the correct Biblical filters for reading God’s Word. Mistranslations that have caused serious doctrinal error and teaching over generations are greatly discussed.
  7. Saved the best for last! We long to awaken you to a rich celebration of the real Happy Gospel! For centuries, the modern church has been preaching a Gospel that has a lot of ‘but’s’ and doesn’t really sound so sweet like Jesus biblically longed for it to be. We present the simple Gospel of your co-crucifixion, co-resurrection, and co-ascension in Christ! We long to unpack the treasures of “It’s finished” to every single heart, so that Heaven is truly experienced on earth! God is not angry with you!


Most of all, we are really just a huge loving family that loves to talk about our individual journeys in enjoying the Trinity’s shared life!

It almost feels like we never left Eden!