Kingdom Family (KF) is an online non-denominational community of believers pursuing a Heaven on Earth culture.


KF is devoted to fully carrying out the  Ephesians 4:11-13 mandate of leadership. Each leader plays a very important functional role in this Five-Fold Model.

Alec Quaye, Founder of Kingdom Family, KF 1

Alec Quaye, the founder of KF, is a leader from KF1 who trains leaders to equip the Body to do the works of Jesus. His heart is for relationship with the Holy Spirit and restoring the standard of Jesus and His promised greater works. His blog posts will focus on hearing God’s voice, bringing context back to the Church, and breaking the barrier between heaven and earth.

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Ishe Wamambo, KF1 Leader

Ishe Wamambo is a stunning prophetic leader from KF1 who focuses on training Christians in the gift of prophecy and the truth of their identity in Jesus! She is an amazing leader who knows how to train people in the matters of heavenly places, hearing God’s voice, and engaging spiritual realities. Her blog posts will focus on faith, intimacy, and love all within this large context.

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Karen Morlu, KF1 Leader

Karen Morlu is a tender pastor type leader of Kingdom Family 1. God’s Love & Grace have been revealed to her so strongly in the past few months and she has a calling to nurture people & reveal the intensity of His Love to them. She is also a source of encouragement to young girls who struggle to deal with certain issues. Just as a Mother does, it is in her heart to impart self-love and draw out gold from what people believe to be the dirt in their lives. Her posts will speak into tough and confusing situations young people like herself find themselves in, using her unique spiritual giftings. An area of focus will be sexual sin, its effects & how to break away from it.

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Joyinola Layonu, KF1 Leader

Joyinola Layonu is a passionate leader of Kingdom Family 1. It thrills her to see people say YES to Jesus and she has a fiery passion to raise His sons & daughters as Kingdom warriors, built on Him as their foundation and living in the fullness of their identity in Him. It is also her heart to see the Father’s lost children reconciled back to Him. After growing up in religion, she was completely unaware of the Father’s Love & His true heart towards her so her posts will focus on destroying misconceptions on His Nature, revealing His heart & encouraging believers to grow in intimacy with Him, Jesus & Holy Spirit.

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Faridat Animashaun, KF1 Leader

Faridat Animashaun is a principled leader of Kingdom Family 1 with a great teaching gift. She loves that as Christians, we have the ability to bring light and make an impact everywhere we go. For this reason, her blog will be focused on issues that the modern church classes as secular or unimportant to us. This includes politics, economics and social justice from a Spirit led perspective.

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Tobiloba Oluseye, KF2 Leader

Tobiloba (Tobi) Oluseye is a strong pastoral leader of Kingdom Family 2. He has a unique understanding of the authority inherent of every believer which is rooted in their identity. Grace and love has brought him to the full awareness the blood of Jesus carries. His calling is to lead and train worshippers and help nurture young men battling sexual impurity and condemnation. His blog posts will focus on sonship, the life of a worship leader, and the passion to live for Jesus

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Chelsea S. Oware, KFW Leader

Chelsea Sapphire Oware is the fiery, eclectic leader of Kingdom Family Worship, with a powerful teaching gift. She finds her calling in inspiring and training believers to worship The Lord in Spirit and in Truth. She believes in the Romans 12:1 definition of true worship and is bent on influencing not just worship leaders, but all believers to live a life of honest worship. Her blog posts will focus on the principles worship leading and daily experiences of growing worship leaders, as well as fellowship with the Holy Spirit and one another. Chelsea also runs the Kingdom Family website.

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