Hello friend! Welcome to our testimonies page. Please be blessed. Some testimonies have been edited to appear more formal, however the central message is 100% uncompromised. Every testimony on this page is true and proven. May the Holy Spirit bless you through your reading.

Teniola’s Testimony: When She Met Cancer

“Okay so my testimony isn’t very specific. I just want to say that being in KF has propelled me so much in my spiritual life. I now talk to God on a daily and He prepares me for what’s to come. I dream dreams & see visions fam, I make visits to heaven and I now know what it means to worship in Spirit and truth. Heck! I even prayed for a woman that had cancer. I was sat on the train & HS said she was going through pain. After contemplating & speaking to Joyin, I decided to lean on HS’s strength. I engaged her in conversation & found out she had cancer! I prayed with her & the pain didn’t go instantaneously but I wasn’t discouraged. Collected her number and kept loving on her. I even prayed for her on the phone with a friend AND THE SPIRIT MOVED. She was so overwhelmed with the love of Abba that she was at a loss for words. She was supposed to spend 3 weeks in hospital but ended up spending less. She feels so much better and stronger. I know her permanent healing is on it’s way. I am changed! Changing still. I have never seen so much love present in a group of people. AH and the banter, Jollof wars (Nigeria v Ghana). Obvs Nigeria always wins Chaleeee (learnt that from KF too) it’s mad. I’ve made amazing friends who want nothing but the heart of Abba. During my first encounter with KF, God revealed so much to me about my prophetic gift. Im still trying to get over the fact that I give accurate words of knowledge! I am shook, I’ve had writers block for 2 years but that’s gone. I write now with words flowing directly from the heart of the Father. Honestly, it’s mad. I was even delivered from my migraines. No amount of extra sleep, more hydration or ibuprofen could stop the migraines but Joyin commanded it to leave in the name of Jesus and it vanished! I honestly have so much to say but let’s leave it at this for now eh. The joy of The Lord is my strength!” 

Update: Two weeks after this testimony was posted, the woman with cancer was remarkably healed and set free through Teniola’s obedience to Holy Spirit. Check out her Twitter page @teniolaoriola to read the healing in its full verified details! 

-Teniola, KF1 

Jelaime’s Testimony – Changing Her World

(For the purpose of readability, Jelaime’s testimony has been truncated, names of people and organisations have been changed [ and are marked with asterisk], sections have been added by the author. Thank you!)
Before I met Christ for myself I was pretty confused in life. Growing up being not only the youngest but also the only girl
my family really coddled me. This resulted in me being a very shy girl. I liked playing alone and made up my fantasy world, talked to myself a lot (still do tbh) and I loved everything fantasy. I had social anxiety, I was afraid to speak up and it was really hard for me to make friends. So when I finally had my friendship group I was so so happy. Then in one year all of that got shut down lol. I lost all my friends. ALL of them and to some weird excuses too. It was so weird. I was already a miserable child before (always sad, afraid etc) but that year was such a disaster for me. I was 15 and in deep deep depression. The only ‘friends’ I had were the people from church but I lowkey didn’t really like them. They were really nice though and I only hung out with them at church. So when they invited me to this yearly youth retreat I was like “ah why not”. I was just going because everyone else was going and I heard all these stories. Maaaan the way I met God there. Ahhh. I’m not going to go in too much detail but basically thise 4 days we’re the start of this wonderful relationship I have with Jesus.
My first year being a christian was fun. When I came back from this retreat I had this fire inside and I wanted to know everything about Jesus, Christianity, spirituality etc etc. I watched [lots of] videos and asked so many questions to everyone. After that the fire died down and I was just doing the basic Christian thing. Going church, talking about God, watching videos and that’s it. Next year, same retreat, same fire, died down after a couple of weeks, back at it again. It was this routine and so in 2015 after the retreat, the girls and I were sick and tired of this routine thing. Our church didn’t have a youth group. We met 2 times a year and that’s it. We really wanted the whole youth to feel what we felt. To meet God like we did. So that year we decided to start *Kingly Tigers.
The story of K.T is pretty long so let me not tell i. We really wanted to reboot the youth group. We wanted a revival. We made this PowerPoint, video, a book, we prepared our presentation, we did everything… But every time we wanted to meet with the pastor he was busy or he didn’t want to. Our pastor is not someone you can mess with so we just dropped it. We we’re discouraged because it’s like everything was against us. Meanwhile we started having dreams of this revival and words [of knowledge] from people. It was so weird. But this time was different, we kept that fire. We got together almost every week to pray we were determined. But everything was against us. I even remember we were called demons because we one day decided that we were going to pray together with some other youth. It was rough. Then 2016 came and after that retreat I joined KF.
My KF story is also really long.. but let me just tell you the things I’ve learned here… I can only thank God. First of all since joining KF, Christianity became so alive for me. It’s like I could live out my little girls dream of my fantasy world. Because the biggest thing that I have learned here and that I thank God for for KF is this: Your imagination is reality. This changed everything for me. I remember it was the first week I was here and God hit me with that truth.
Everything we discussed in here I always told my Kingly Tigers* girls. They were in shock with the truths that were told and together we were so excited. From November to December I practiced and learned and did research. I felt so alive. It’s actually too long but basically what I want to say is that everything I’ve gotten so bold and courageous. Everything I learn, my girls learn and even some church members know of KF now. It’s lit.
I always wanted to have friends all over the world and now I have a whole family. I’m still in shock by it tbh that’s why I don’t speak much in the group. It’s like woooow. Hahhahaha
I will never forget this day. It was one of those ‘perfect’ days. First of all, my girl sent me a sermon about anxiety. I watched it in the morning and wow how it blessed me. After that I got ready and went to the city with my girl to buy Christmas gifts. Suddenly this man called us. So I answered ‘yes?’ And he tells us he is a pastor (s/o to Pastor Kirk*, never saw him again after this) and he wanted to talk to us about God. We said that we were Christian but he still wanted to talk to us. So we listened to him. His testimony, his ‘the end of the world’ talk.. the typical street preacher. But there was something about him. “I challenge you to take 3 months. 3 months, only God. You will see the results. You will see angels (check, with KF) you will prophecy (check) you will heal people (check)”.. basically all the things that he was saying we were already doing but it was just a big confirmation. After that talk we said alright, from January till the end of March, we’re doing this. We asked the other girls if they were in and they were so we did this 3 months thing.
—– intermezzo —– Take some time to breath haha it’s long. Two more sections
This is a prophecy from Karen Morlu ( KF1 Leader) on 30 December 2016 at 11:52PM
“God is so proud of the project you’ve made. It excites Him when you yearn deeper and just look so much for the things concerning Him. I saw some projects you’re planning on embarking on next year. All I heard was “As she has shown faithfulness I’ll reward her.”
January was fire! I’ve learned so much in KF and as I passed the knowledge down to my girls, they as well grew a lot. For example my girl Jen*, I call her ‘master healer’, she’s the ‘healer’ of the group and all of this thanks to KF. (And of course God), also I taught them about angels and she was the first one to experience them daily. She sees heaven open up in her room. I’m so proud of her.
January was like the party month for us; healing, prophecy, visions, dreams…
Then came February. God already told me that February was going to be rough for us. Wow… it was rough. Trials trials trials. Temptations temptations temptations. I laugh about it now but I cried that month. Then came March. This month was just a recap month. We re-read KF messages, everything we learned. Tweaking some stuff here and there, you know.
So I’ve explained to you real quick what happened in these months but I have to explain 3 major things or goals.
  1.  My girl Zeeta* knew from a young age already that part of her purpose was to preach. So after these three months God would tell her who her team would be and her ministry would begin. I was basically just there to help her, to counsel her and to listen to her. Now the big thing was that she was invited to talk at this event ‘Girls Talk’. And because God does things perfectly they scheduled the event on April 1st. The exact date after our 3 months. So we knew that that day was going to be big and we were kind of working towards that date.
  2. We still had to reboot our youth group. When I got that word from Karen I was so happy I wanted to cry because I knew it was for the youth group. We had remade the PowerPoint. It was fresh and new. We managed to speak to one of our leaders and explained everything to her. She then spoke to the pastor and he said it was okay. I was so happy. You need to know our pastor to understand this miracle. We now have to speak to another leader because we want new leaders. (I thought it would be fun for the girls to ask HS the name of the new leaders and we all said the same names!). Soon we’re going to meet with them and make plans for the rest of the year. My God is faithful! Slowly but surely!
  3. I, myself, after these three months I didn’t want to have anxiety and stress and urgh I wanted to make sense of myself. I was so confused in life. Again, the first month was great but the second month was so rough. Financially 0, my anxiety and stress were trying me, I even remember one week I was so sad and just wanted to quit everything. I was so done. But I thank God for KF! I’ve never gotten a word or prophecy about how I felt but the fact that there was a group of believers there, experiencing heaven made me want that too and it kept me going. Every time I was sad I reacted in praise. It was so different compared to old Jelaime. The last time I had an anxiety attack was literally the last week of  my 3 months. Because of school (school…, that’s another story) and still, the way I snapped out of it after one day, I went back to school, and after two days I was back at it, being happy. KF taught me how to react in these situations. Also, shout out to Alec (Founder of KF, KF1 Leader) for making sense of my panic attack afterwards. So after these three months, I can say that I can see clearly now. When I’m feeling some way, I’m not in my feelings, It’s like my Spirit takes over and looks at the situation from an outside perspective and makes sense of it all so that I don’t get in my feelings. I guess the hardest part now is ‘finding who I am’ because all these years I’ve been labelled with the ‘shy’ girl. Everybody always said that I’m so quiet and shy. I identified myself with that. And now I can see myself becoming more like God wants me to be and I need to accept that that label of ‘shy’ was not me. This makes me think ‘what girl am I then’ if that makes sense..
On April 1st was the big day. It was like exam day. What did you learn all these months in KF. What did you learn the 3 months.
We prayed for that day like crazy. We were so zen that day like we knew that HS was going to be there. First of all, the worship… even during rehearsal when they were singing I just knew that He was there. Then when it started… no words. Afterwards my girl Zeeta* told her testimony. Until this point I didn’t know what to think. I knew the Spirit was there, but when I looked at these girls faces they were so blank.. dry… I don’t know… I even did a Light exercise [an exercise KF1 members attempted] and I saw Jesus coming in with His angels. The whole room was packed with angels. Fire, water, everything. Afterwards Zeeta*called me up and together with her I had to pray for people. This girl asked to pray for her so that she could hear God’s voice clearly. I prayed and after the event I explained to her everything I learned here in KF. She was in shock! It was that easy! Then there was this other girl who was crying and crying and I prayed for her and I had a word of knowledge for her from God. My thing is, I never feel the HS. I don’t feel hot or cold or I don’t shake or anything. So even though I prayed for them, I didn’t know if this was accurate. I didn’t know anything. Then my girl Jenn* felt this pain in her knee and her back and she asked if someone was feeling this pain and this girl came to the front and she prayed for her and she got healed! Then this other girl was just crying and crying but I didn’t know why cause my girl Zeeta prayed for her. Lastly I got this word for one of these girls that came in late but I was kind of shy to say it. So before I left I quickly went up to these girls and asked the question. They were all like ‘nah not me’but this one girl stayed quiet. So her friend was like ‘is this for you?’ And she awkwardly nodded so I pulled her aside, gave her a word and my Facebook so she could message me (and she did and now I try to help her). After the event everybody was saying nice words but I didn’t think much of it. We’ve experienced ‘bigger’ things so for us it was a nice event and that’s it . Boy were we wrong.
After the event, this one girl who was just blank faced messaged one of the girls saying that my girls testimony really touched her and she kept thinking about it. This other girl who was the pastor’s daughter, 20 years she had been in church and she had never experienced the Holy Spirit. That night was her first time and that’s why she kept crying. This other girl, when I prayed for her afterwards, said “thank you, those words were so accurate”. I was in shock! These other young girls, 10 and 15 years were in shock. After the event they went home and their parents had to call the pastor because they didn’t know what was going on with their children “what did you do to our children, what happened, they can’t stop praying”. The day after the event, that Sunday, somehow everybody knew about it and wanted to know what had happened. The girls even got frustrated because all they could answer was “we can’t explain”. They also told us that the next day the atmosphere and the Spirit stayed in the church. Woah, it was mad! I didn’t even know.
My three months were the bomb dot com. I can’t wait to see where God is going to bring me next.
You may not realise this but if God didn’t put me in KF, all of this wouldn’t have happened. All that I practised that day was thanks to KF. Even all the things my girls practiced was thanks to KF. I want to say thank you. Do you realise what you have started? I may be the only Congolese and Belgian KF member but look how KF has impacted even this country. God bless you so much. – Jelaime. KF1